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Start the sign-up process by selecting a Username and Password for your volunteer/parent account. These are the credentials you use to sign-in to your account after you have been approved. Your Username can be your Email Address but is not required to be. Your Password must be a minimum eight characters, using letters and numbers only. Do not use any special characters.

If you have already submitted a volunteer/parent application in the past DO NOT register again.

If you submit a duplicate application, it sets the new application as Pending, for further processing and de-duplication. We'd appreciate you taking notice of this and not creating duplicate profiles if you've had a profile in the system before. 

Instead, sign-in with your account details and update any information that has changed. We've already seen many duplicate registrations for the 2021-22 school year.  Please attempt to sign-in to your existing profile on the main sign-in page by using your Username and Password or the 'Forgotten' links. 

If your profile has expired, please try to re-verify your existing account by accessing this Re-verify Link.  This link will only work if your profile has been expired and you are in need of a new screening.

By completing this registration process you acknowledge and agree that Wichita Falls ISD will run a criminal background check as a condition to approving you to volunteer. Furthermore, you acknowledge and agree that the district may periodically re-run such criminal background check for as long as you continue volunteering in our schools.

If for any reason we do not approve you to volunteer we will notify you and if you request, provide the information used in making our decision along with details of how to correct any inaccurate background results with the credit reporting agency that provided them to us.


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Looks like your Username is already taken by another volunteer. If that's you then try signing in to your account. Use Forgot Password if you don't remember your account details. Otherwise, pick a different Username and try again.